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Things it can do now and planned

This Elasticsearch GUI client allows you to connect the Elasticsearch server and manage data and configuration. You can install this desktop client on your Mac. Elasticsearch client can be used to view and edit mappings, settings, aliases, and indices. You can perform the search operations on your Elasticsearch indices using this desktop client application. The Elasticsearch results can be displayed in different view modes. This desktop client lets you control the Indices, Shards and Allocation stats and configuration. It is possible to import and export data and configuration of Elasticsearch using this desktop client for OSX. This is a great alternative to Elasticsearch Plugin Head. In the latest version you can do a profiling of the request. Documents updating and reindexing is available too.


Since version 1.4.1 you have to re-install the application.

How to open the app?

If you cannot open the app for the first time use Control + Click in order to open the app to avoid MacOS security warning. This is 100% save.


Currently, Elastron only supports Mac OS

Elastron v1.4.4

Basic version of Elastron for Mac OS.
Includes all free features.
DMG Package.

Free Download

Elastron PRO

We decided that all the PRO features will be free too!

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